Life on Life



We will focus on building relationships as we serve and empower people.

Relationships are a transforming thing.

We will nurture friendships both within our programs and outside of them. People are the main thing.

As part of 150's focus on the Burlington community, we want to engage the city's at-risk and underserved youth. One way - and perhaps the most effective way - to do that is through mentoring.

Studies have shown that kids who are in mentoring relationships have much better chances at staying in school, moving on to college, avoiding violence, and making good choices in regards to substances. Mentoring works.

And, it's necessary. Consider that 30 million kids in America alone are fatherless (see The Mentoring Project), and 15-30% of high school aged kids will use illegal substances, engage in violent behavior, and/or fail to graduate. 

150 is committed to serving Burlington youth through "life on life" initiatives that facilitate positive adult influences in fun and creative environments. A great example of this was our unique snowboarding program called Burlington Freestyle which was under the 150 umbrella until we released it to the Chill Foundation (who had more resources to support it!) It was the first of its kind in the US - Mentoring in the context of freestyle snowboard coaching for those without access. 

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