Our Mission

150 Cherry St. is a place that facilitates community initiatives for the city, creative collaboration for the world, and spiritual renewal for all.


The vision of 150 Cherry St. is to contribute to an empowering community. Therefore:

  • We will provide space where community initiatives can take place. Beautiful space is an inspiring thing.
  •  We will launch collaborative initiatives that value creativity. Imagination in collaboration is a powerful thing.
  • We will focus on building relationships as we serve and empower people. Relationships are a transforming thing.
  • We will nurture friendships both within our programs and outside of them. People are the main thing.
  •  We will make spiritual renewal available through the prayer room. Prayer is a foundational thing.


Community Engagement, Creative Collaboration, Practical Empowerment, Intentional Friendship, True Sustainability, Spiritual Renewal

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Look in Our Mirror

150 is short for 150 Cherry St. It's an address that represents a place - a place in downtown Burlington, VT.

And we think there is something significant about place. Place can be home. Place can house community and facilitate friendships. Place can define or enhance or inspire beautiful experiences. Place is not insignificant; place is essential. 

From the beginning, the founders of 150 envisioned a place that would facilitate a number of unique activities, all focused on serving Burlington and the world through community initiatives, creative collaboration, and spiritual renewal. Here's how that breaks down:


Community Initiative

Maybe the most amazing thing about 150 is not what it is but where it is - right in the heart of downtown Burlington. Burlington is a beautiful city (we think it's the best in the world), home to natural wonders like a green mountain skyline and the "great" Lake Champlain. It is also the biggest city in Vermont, and a hotbed of culture and community activity. Burlington is a college town, too; UVM and over 13,000 college students make it a young and vibrant place to live and work.

But it is also a city full of need. In fact, we believe that this makes Burlington even more beautiful. The city is home to Vermont's largest Refugee Resettlement Program and an ever-growing homeless population. As a result, Burlington is also home to many quality community-based programs and agencies that seek to serve folks in tough situations.

And 150 aims to join in that effort with creativity and passion. As you peruse the site, you will see that we have initiatives specifically focused on our city and its people, initiatives like The Banquet, and the Suspended Meal Program. These initiatives bring out the uniqueness of our place: several happen in our unique New Moon Cafe.

Through these initiatives and these spaces we want to care for and serve our wonderful neighbors who happen to be homeless or at-risk. 

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Creative Collaboration

As 150 engages needs in Burlington, we also want to have a view towards the world. The question is, How can 150 serve in a global sense? 

We see this happening through the arts, and we call it creative collaborationNew Moon is a key part of our global focus; art shown in the Cafe and other events held there will support a variety of causes connected to poverty, clean water, and human trafficking. 

Our initiative to fight human trafficking, called made/visible, is a a micro-enterprise we are developing in the nation of Moldova.

Spiritual Renewal

In Isaiah 56:7, God said "My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples..."

At 150, prayer is the foundation for all other activities, with the prayer room located in the lower level of the building. 

We also have a room for Contemplative Prayer and have scheduled meetings where meditation on the Word is the focus.

150 is inspired by faith, hope and love and is a place where spiritual renewal is available to anyone who desires it.